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your roof doesn’t have to face south for your panels to be effective

look at the compass below where redness indicates the concentration of solar radiation. average-img

Where south facing roofs are more effective you will still get a very effective system on an east or a west facing roof.

Although north facing roofs will generate power you should stick to south, west or east for a better return.

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Solar PV Panels

How does Solar PV work? solar pv panels What can a free kilowatt give you? kilow-img

Did You Know…

  • A solar PV system only needs natural light to generate electricity. Heat is irrelevant.
  • Scotland’s climate is perfect for solar PV as being more northerly we have more hours of natural daylight
  • Our clients get a guaranteed income for the next 20 years through the government feed in tariff scheme. The income is tax free and index linked.
  • Our clients get paid for generating electricity and receive a further payment if they export the electricity back to the national grid.
  • Although our clients get paid forgenerating electricity they are also allowed to consume it free of charge which means less importing from their electricity supplier.
  • Our clients have reported reductions in their electricity costs of 50% to 70% (lifestyle dependent).
  • Most of our clients spread the cost of the system over a term to suit their personal circumstances and still make a profit (subject to acceptance).
  • Hundreds of solar PV systems are installed in Scotland every week. This is not a new technology. It has been tried, tested and it works!

The Financial Benefits

Generation Tariff – For every kilowatt hour of electricity your system produces you will receive a payment from your energy supplier.

Self Consumption – Although you are being paid when generating electricity, you are allowed to consume this electricity in your own home which means you are not buying as much overpriced electricity from your supplier.

Export Tariff – Any electricity which is generated by your panels but not used in your home is then exported back to the national grid and you get paid an additional sum on top of the Generation Tariff.

Electricity Bill – By generating and using your own electricity you will be importing less from your supplier and you could see reductions anywhere from 40% to 60% on your electricity bills depending on your lifestyle and usage.

Return on Investment – The income generated over the 20 year tariff lifetime is tax free and index linked to keep it relevant. Theaverage annual return on investment is between 8 – 11% and is risk free.

Viro Energy are Solar PV Panels and Systems Experts


PDF Downloads

Click here to download ENPH Overview PDF
Click here to download Geo Solar Hand Held PDF
Click here to download Samil Datasheet PDF
Click here to download Solar iBoost PDF
Click here to download Solar World PDF


Viro Energy Solar PV Videos

Viro Solar PV installers at work – a typical install

Watch Viro Energy Solar PV installers at work in this fast moving video shot in Bathgate, Scotland

Viro Solar PV Video Testimonial

Ted of East Whitburn, West Lothian decided to install a 4kwp Sanyo Solar PV system at his environmentally friendly home. Watch the brief video to see the viro solar pv installers at work and listen to Ted’s comments about Viro and the quality of the installation.

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